Climate Justice Drive


The Climate Justice Drive is an ambitious initiative aimed at raising awareness about the impacts of climate change on Pakistan, while advocating for climate justice across 27 countries, 3 continents, and 70 destinations. This 152-day long ride covering a distance of 30,000 kms will serve as a powerful platform for highlighting Pakistan’s vulnerability to climate change and promoting collective action to address this pressing global issue.

Climate Justice Drive


The Climate Justice Drive seeks to achieve the following objectives:

Raise awareness: To educate individuals, communities, and decision-makers about the severe impacts of climate change on Pakistan, and the urgent need for global action.
Foster collaboration: To promote dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge exchange among participating countries, fostering a deeper understanding of climate justice issues.
Advocate for climate justice: To advocate for equitable and just solutions to address climate change, emphasizing the need for developed countries to support developing nations disproportionately affected by its impacts.
Document and share experiences: To document the journey and experiences during the Climate Justice Drive, creating a compelling narrative and engaging storytelling to inspire and mobilize audiences.

Key Activities

The Climate Justice Drive will involve a range of activities to achieve its objectives, including:

Public events and rallies: Organizing public events and rallies in major cities and towns along the route to engage local communities in discussions about climate justice and its relevance to Pakistan.
Academic conferences and seminars: Collaborating with universities and research institutions in participating countries to organize conferences and seminars on climate change and its impacts on Pakistan.
Policy advocacy: Engaging with policymakers, government officials, and international organizations to advocate for policies and measures that address climate change and support vulnerable communities.

Cultural exchange: Promoting cultural exchange activities between participating countries to foster mutual understanding and strengthen international cooperation in tackling climate change.
Media outreach: Utilizing social media platforms, documentaries, and interviews to share stories and raise global awareness about the Climate Justice Drive.