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Our story starts way back when the first soul had a mystical experience

Key activities

The council has mainly been established to:

  1. spread the Sufi message of love, tolerance, and universal brotherhood,” it said, to “
  2. integrate global diversity within regional unity
  3. interact and collaborate with various scholars and contemplatives of spiritual traditions of the world and
  4. Foster positive linkages and profound relationships between Islam and the west in the
    field of philosophy, religion, and mysticism


Bringing all esoteric schools together, in different traditions and religions bring about unity
among races, nations, and spiritual aspirations for one common goal of mutual respect and
peaceful coexistence.


I. Bring forth the neutral image of Islam through spreading the Sufi message of love, tolerance, and universal brotherhood across the world and amongst the regional masses;

II. Propose steps to free religious thought from the rigidity imposed by some Rogue elements;

III. Emphasize in the Islamic teachings the element of God’s love and mercy for His creations rather than His wrath and retribution;

IV. Determine the ways of practicing what one professes and not merely indulge in slogans and soliloquist stress the essence of faith rather than mere observance of formalities;

V. Establish Sufi Centers of excellence and patronize research activities on various facets of Sufism, confer national and international scholarships for research work on Sufism, and recommend annual awards for the promotion of Sufiism and achievements in the related fields;

VI. Glorify the revered Sufi Saints and their mausoleums not just as Centers of holiness but also as centers of learning and teaching;

VII. Reject the edifice of false values based on pelf and power and restore morality to its proper place in the niche of Muslim society;

VIII. Combat the fissiparous tendencies and centrifugal forces which were spreading their tentacles in the Muslim world; and

IX. Discourage parochial feelings and eliminate racial pride which had assumed primary importance in Muslim thinking relegating the ideal of brotherhood to a secondary place.

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The death of the heart is ignorance & life of the heart is knowledge. – Imam Ghazali