Pirzada Muhammad Akram Raza Baghdadi

Pirzada Muhammad Akram Raza Baghdadi is the Sajjada Nasheen of Astana Alia Naqshbandia Jamatia Qadaria, Daska Sialkot. He is born in Daska. He is the son of great Sufi leader Shaykh ul Hadith wal Tafsir AlHaaj Moulana Pir Muhammad Sharif and his Jansheen. He is a renowned Islamic Scholar and a preacher of Islam. He has converted more than three hundred Christian families into Islam. He is an active socialist. He is a former Secretary General of the Interfaith Harmony Government of Pakistan. He is an Adviser General of Jamat e Ahl e Sunnat Pakistan. He is a Senior Vice President of Aman Welfare Foundation Pakistan. He was an active member of the Khatam e Nabowat agitation. He is the Caliph of Naqib ul Ashraf Baghdad Sharif and Astana Alia Hazrat Ameer e Millat Ali Pur Sayidan Sharif. He got his early education from Dar ul Ullom Naqshbandia Mujaddadia Jamatia Rizvia and received his Higher education from Mustansaria University and Saddam University in Baghdad Iraq.