Dr. Kamini Gogri

Dr. Kamini Gogri, the recipient of the Kutch Shakti National award 2013, holds Ph. D in Philosophy(especially Jainism) and avid marathon runner(with Run India Run) She is currently a Project consultant on the project “Jain Prosopography”, at SOAS, Jain Center, London also Head of Research in Ancient Scriptures, at Eikam Resonance Foundation. She is also an advisor/ consultant for an OTT platform on Jainism. She is also an Executive Member of the Scholars Committee Jain Agam Mission, Uvvassagaharam Sadhana Trust. She is on the Board of the Center for Indian Studies, AL Zahara University, Tehran, Iran. She has received the INDIC Academy fellowship for 2020-21 She also is associated with the German Government for evolving inter-faith-based laws. She is involved with various
projects with Prof Anne Vallely, Canada, University of Ottawa. Also a part of interfaith dialogue, HWPL, South Korea as an expert on Jainism. She is Visiting faculty for MA (Philosophy) and MA ( History) at Mumbai University, India.

She has initiated the Igniting mind foundation for youth leadership and works for women empowerment in rural India. As a Philosophical Counsellor, she is determined to bring out a much-needed change in people special in relation to emotional health and its relation to cognitive development.

Her specialization includes history, philosophy, mysticism, Bhakti, Prakrit, religion and culture, Buddhism, Jainism, and Shaivism.