Dr. Avkash Jadhav

Dr. Avkash Jadhav

A B.A. (Gold Medallist) in History and a Ph.D. in The Labour Movement, Dr. Avkash Jadhav’s scholarly works revolve around Labour Studies, Religion, philosophy, human rights, ancient and modern Indian history, etc. He has extensively worked on the Indian Philosophy and the Buddhist philosophy. He has published several research papers on Buddhism and has been […]

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Dr. Kamini Gogri

Dr. Kamini Gogri, the recipient of the Kutch Shakti National award 2013, holds Ph. D in Philosophy(especially Jainism) and avid marathon runner(with Run India Run) She is currently a Project consultant on the project “Jain Prosopography”, at SOAS, Jain Center, London also Head of Research in Ancient Scriptures, at Eikam Resonance Foundation. She is also

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